Sunday 3 June 2012

"That's A Wrap!"

How do we paint all our Minis in our favourite plaid, or Tartan, print?  The answer is, We don’t—we get it wrapped!  How so?, you ask.  Let's search the Internet for the answer.

First, let’s get technical—the word Tartan which we use interchangeably with the word Plaid, is that very right-angled crisscrossed design of horizontal and vertical bands.  Tartan designs are very much a Scottish thing; in fact, the Scots make a distinction between this popular design and Plaid, which to them is actually a blanket or cloth worn over the shoulder.

This car gets a lot of attention.  Left photo: Capri Club of Scotland.  Right photo:  MacHighlander

So how do you get your vehicle wrapped in plaid—or Tartan?  Here’s a fine high-quality video of how wraps are done, taking you step-by-step through the design process and materials used.

You can savour this two-and-a-half-minute time-lapse video of a Lamborghini getting a change of colour—from silver to pearl white—without a stroke of paint applied!  And if you still can’t get enough of seeing how it’s done, take a look at this video of 3M pro installers doing their job.

Finally, here are some local examples of wraps, from the simple Red Bull MINI to the Ministry of Agriculture’s Tartan Bus, along with several others displaying graphic designs that you might have seen around town.

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