Wednesday 17 August 2011


We'd gone on a couple of virtual outings to some online museums, which happily have a Mini or three featured in the display.  Here are few for you to peruse, or if traveling, really are worth an actual visit.  If you do this, please post a comment about your experience.

First, we start with the Heritage Motor Centre Museum in the United Kingdom.
Photos: Dave Merrett

Now, let's journey to Japan to the Toyota Automobile Museum.  What's very nice about their site is their virtual museum!  Click the link with that very title on their site and it takes you to a layout of the museum; roll your mouse over the sections and when it highlights, it provides the name of the area, such as Pioneering Age or Luxury Cars of Status.  There are three such plans.

Click on an area anywhere on the plan and lots of information is displayed below that specific museum plan. The small coloured circles tell you which particular car is situated in that spot.  Clicking the actual circle takes you to a page which opens in a new window (although it appears as if it's supposed to be a pop-up) and provides a photo of the featured auto along with information.  This virtual musem should be billed Not Safe For Workyou won't get any done if you view this site on your job.

Here's the Mini in this museum.
Photo by Anthony Joh
Now, we're back in jolly old England again, at the Coventry Transport Museum where this display depicts a scene from the movie The Italian Job.
Photo by Jim Linwood
Still in the UK, north of London you can find this Mini pictured below, at the National Cold War Exhibition in the Royal Air Force Museum.
Photo by Gene Hunt

Still don't love Minis yet?  Just wait ... it'll grow on you ... LOL!!! ... what!?  you're not laughing!? ohh...okay, let's get back on topic and leave the jokes for the real comedians... All masterpiece jokes aside, you'll find this interesting chunk of foliage at the Cotswold Motor Museum. This museum gets 5 stars from TripAdvisor's reviewers.
Photo by Simon
The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu (located in Southern England) has this piece on display.  This Mini was used to travel around the worldtwice!  People do some wonderful things with Minis, eh!
Photo by Dave Merrett
And, finally, London's Science Museum cut everything down to size for us, in their display.
Photo by Les Chatfield

Photo by Richard Smith
We hope you enjoyed this virtual glimpse into some of the real world museums which feature our favourite car.  If you've been to one and have some pics to share, feel free to post them.

There's one museum in which would be great to see the MiniMadame Toussaud's!  We can envision the little Mini in wax, on its own little round revolving stage in their exhibit!  After all, Madame Toussaud's has M&Ms, you know!!!!  They do!!! 


... Don't just take our thumbnail for it, click for yourself and see!!

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