Wednesday 20 March 2013

Official Release

Official Release:

Mr. Michael Jordan-Elcock: President of The Mini Club of Trinidad & Tobago...

"It has recently come to the attention of the Executive of TriniMini – The Mini Club of Trinidad and Tobago that there have been certain disparaging posts on Facebook pertaining to the club and its membership.

TriniMini – The Mini Club of Trinidad and Tobago (TriniMini) is a registered non-profit organization (Reg. # 1235227 dated 23rd August, 2006) with a five (5) member Executive and seventy-two (72) active and fully paid-up ordinary members at present. Membership is open to Classic Mini owners 18 years and over and Mini enthusiasts.

The club arranges formal activities for its membership including runs/road trips to places of interest and participation in charitable events. These activities take place at least once per month and General Meetings are also held once per month. Attendance at our meetings and our runs or outdoor events requires that all our members are attired in the club’s uniform which comprises a Dark Blue Polo with the club’s logo on the left breast and our web address displayed on the back and dark colored trousers. All formal runs, events or activities are under the supervision of members of the Executive. The club does not and cannot hold itself responsible for the actions of non-members or members who go off on jaunts on their own volition.

It is of the utmost importance to the club and its members that the club’s name and reputation be preserved and is above reproach at all times. As such, as President of TrinMini I take this opportunity to inform members of the public of the following:-

1. Ownership of or authorized usage of a Classic Mini motor-vehicle does not automatically make one a member or entitle one to become a member of TriniMini. As a result, TriniMini cannot take responsibility for all persons who drive Classic Minis.

2. The Aims and Objectives of the club are to facilitate its members in promoting the enjoyment, maintenance and preservation of all types of Classic Minis, and in serving as ambassadors of the club at all times whether on official club activities or otherwise. TriniMini arranges events aimed at holistically developing its members with a view to fashioning well-rounded individuals who foster brotherhood and goodwill to all men irrespective of station, class or creed.

3. TriniMini is constitutionally bound to arrange and indeed do execute no fewer than two (2) charitable events in each calendar year either exclusively or in conjunction with other organizations.

With respect to the specific post on Facebook, let me state for the record that TriniMini did not organize or authorize the run to Damien’s Bay in Blanchisseuse or any other locale in Trinidad or Tobago on 17th March, 2013. The last official event organized and authorized by the Executives of the club was our Annual Valentine’s Day run to celebrate the ladies in our club with flowers and chocolates. This was a run to the Historical Site at Lopinot on Sunday 17th February, 2013. In excess of 50 persons attended and permission was sought and obtained from the relevant authorities. This is how our club conducts its business. We have both a profound regard and respect for the environment, individuals, corporate entities and the law. Consequently, I wish to dissociate the club and its name from any activity on the 17th March, 2013.

In light of this we kindly ask that persons who have made allegations with respect to the club refrain from doing so as these allegations have the effect of tarnishing the hitherto good reputation of the club and are otiose. Might I recommend that if one has complaints about or suggestions for the advancement of our club in respect of its authorized activities you direct such complaints or suggestions to the Executive at our email address

Because our club's name and reputation has been brought into odium, the Executive of TriniMini – The Mini Club of Trinidad & Tobago will conduct an investigation into the allegations made on Facebook and if any of its members are found to have acted outside the rules of our organization, as laid down in our Constitution, they will be disciplined appropriately and we shall revert to Facebook in due course regarding same. 

We thank all those who have reported on this matter in a responsible manner. We are happy to take on-board all genuine concerns relative to the proper functioning of our club. We hope that this adult approach can be reflected in the future posts of all parties."

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