Sunday 17 July 2011

The Domino Pimlico

Photo credits:  At left Simon; at right: Matt Gaze Photography
A kit car company is one that produces car parts or body shells of a specific automobile which the consumer assembles onto a working chassis.  Domino Cars (GB) Limited was one such company which manufactured fibreglass bodies for the Austin Mini from 1986 to 2007.  The Mini models were called the Domino Pimlico, Premier, Premier Plus, HT, HT-ES (made from carbon and kevlar composites), Pickup and Pickup Crew Cab.

In addition to this type of production, some manufacturers fashioned their own autos based on the Mini model.  Innocenti, an Italian company, features several of these models.

The Pimlico is just one example among an abundance of cars sold as a kit.  The Domino Car company has since ceased to exist and a search of the Internet yielded little about their history and whether there may be a future re-emergence.  In our search we did find an interesting bit about the entity called British Motor Heritage Limited, which is the licensee and manufacturer of bodies and body parts for a number of classic British cars (including the Mini).

Here's a video of a test run of the Domino Pimlico.

Photo by Simon


X2Board said...

There are sooo many mini variants out there ...
this one's called the Jem, or Marcos , [img] [/img]

then there's the kingfisher sprint- [img][/img]

and the ogle


70's futuristic Minissima

the sporty Unipower


And these fellas put the complete front subframe in the back to make a mid engine sports coupe called teh GTM

If you know anymore pls post them up !!

X2Board said...

Ok......... just realized pics dont show here.... I'll throw this post up on the forums

Admin said...

Yes, it takes a small bit of coding to get it to link. Here they are.

(Right-click and open each link in a new Tab or Window, to get around having to click the Back Button to this page.)

Jem or Marcos
Kingfisher Sprint
The Ogle
70's Futuristic Minissima
The Sporty Unipower

Helen said...

Links to other variants, from Ravi.

Liubesky said...

Check this out for a complete Mini generations from MK1 to MK7